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2.4GHz 2000mW Transmitter KP-B2
2.4GHz 2000mW Transmitter

Large output frequency, equipped fan in it, credibility, use for long distance wireless transmitting projects.

Working Voltage: DC 12V
Output Frequency: 2.2G/2.3G/2.4G
Channel: 12 channels, Video and Audio Synchronization
Output Power: 2000mW
Weight: 224g
Dimension(L*W*H): 93*80*31mm
Transmit Distance: 2000 ~ 4000m

12 channel Receiver
Video cable and transmitter connecting cable

Power adapters for transmitter and receiver

If you are seeking an equipment that can transmit the audio and video to a long distance without cable, for example the villa, small lake, bridge or some other open areas, this transmitter system is the right one you need.

This equipment will cover a long distance in the open area around 4KM.

But when there are obstacle between the transmitter and receiver, it will be decided case by case.

This  unit is the professional one and the signal is very strong in 2.4G series that can be used to cover the long distance where need strong signal and the industrial  project.

A. The line has 5 plugs for connecting transmitter, camera and power supply
One of the line's points connecting to transmitter, another has 4 plugs (red, yellow, white, black)
Red plug connect DC 12V/1000mA, can also connect battery
White and yellow plug connect to camera's audio and video apart
And black one connects camera's power input jack

B. Push the control button, can change the channel of receiver
Meanwhile, push it and last several seconds, can close the digital play and turn into saving power model
Then push it again, can replay
The function can be able to lock channel, so as to avoid mistaking operation

C. Set the same channel with transmitter and receiver