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3G Network Video Call Camera KP-3GNVC
3G Network Video Call Camera
3G network camera is professional 3G security product with traditional security system, also is the first launch of the business. 3G network cameras are used with mobile communications, security system and Internet together-four in one. Kimpok integration of technology into the potential product applications. users can remotely watch dynamic picture by phone or computer, Kimpok offers a simple and convenient security solutions for enterprises and family.


1. This equipment has a high and activities CCD camera.
2. 3G Network Camera support camera shooting
3. User can watch the monitoring area by computer or mobile through web.
4. Support multiple users to simultaneously browse.
5. Picture can be transmitted clearly with MPEG4 video compression algorithm optimized.
6. Built-in web server, users can monitor and manage the live area by using a standard browse.
7. Supports dynamic domain name resolution, supports AN and internet.
8. supports mobile alarm, News 3G mobile alarm, you can set the alarm time, support image capture.

9. Automatic recovery, Automatic connection after network outages.
10. For 3G operators, Can easily view a clear image.
11. the equipment can connect with two different domain user 
12. the PTZ can change to different side to check the monitoring area.


Video Compression Format
Video Resolution
CCD,  D1, CIF, HaifQ
Video Parameter Adjustment
brightness, color, Contrast, Saturation and Image quality
Stream format
Audio & video streaming
Video frame rate
1-25 (PAL), 130 (NTSC)
Video compression rate
Voice talk input
1 channel passive microphone input
Voice Output
1 output
Audio compression
Network Interface
1 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface
Operating temperature
System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, ME,2000,XP Vista. Browser: Microsoft Windows 98