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3G Spy Camera KP-3GSP57
3G Spy Camera

See Live Video Anywhere in the world on your mobile phone.

Mini 3G video camera, this product combines 3G video channel to obtain the video, the operation is simple, end-to-end video and more secure. It can adjust the function by the phone keys. 
Built-in lithium battery, sustainable work in the absence of mains,compact, can be connected to the wireless sensors to achieve linkage to trigger the alarm. For reporters unannounced visits, occasions of public security forensics, urban law enforcement, outdoor work and video transmission, logistics, vehicle management, etc.

Easy to use: Wherever you are, call the camera phone number, then you can see the video immediately. This is not 3G IP camera but this is a really 3G Video call camera. where you need only to do a Video call from your cell phone that’s it. This works on WCDMA 3G network 850/1900 or 900/2100 MHz as a normal video call.
Smallest size: The camera size is very small a little bigger than a 1 Dollar dime can install in small objects to build your own 3G Hidden investigation Camera.
Two way audio Call: Support two way audio call so you can call from this unit to any phone which is stored in this unit with a single press of a button and talk two way communication. This is also called as SOS button for a emergency you can call Police or your family, built in Micro MIC and Speaker.
Micro SD slot: There is TF card slot, can record video during calling or when it on the stand by state. The video files format are MP4, one 4GB card can take the record up to 28 days.
Easy to operate: Its very Easy to use like 123 All you have to do is put a 3G telephone sim card to this unit and call it from anywhere in the world with a 3G enabled mobile phone or tablet PC or Computer and can see live video of this camera on your mobile phone tablet pc or computer. you can also record the video on your phone tablet pc or computer if it supports. otherwise you can record the monitored video on the unit's micro SD card and view it later for evidence collection purpose. All the operation you can do by the key on your mobile phone, such as video size setting, video brightness setting, to start or stop record. You can also choose to communicate to the camera.
Alarm function: Can set up 315MHz wireless warning sensor. When the alarm has been activated, it will call you automatically.
Voice monitoring: You can use this camera as a 3g mobile phone for voice and Video call , both sides people can talk to each other or you can silently listen to the conversation on the other end.

Insert USIM card of opening the video call function and other accessories, connected to the power, red light flashing slowly on behalf of the initialization state
The red light off 5 seconds, 0.2 seconds bright representatives to the normal standby
Settings button long press 6 seconds the red light flash, enter the set state, the longest duration of 120 seconds. To make video calls, the device will record the alarm destination number. Records to complete the device to hang up, return to the standby state
Repeat into the set state, if the trigger wireless alarm, the device can record the alarm code. The recording is completed the equipment to return to the standby state
The red light is the call state, the red light flash stand for set state or other operating state

1: the camera zooms 
3: the lens farther down
4: brighter
7: Night mode 
9: day mode
* Key: Start recording
# key: stop recording key
0:recording after hang up
2 key: Turn off two-way intercom (listen mode)
8: Open two-way intercom
5: automatically adjust the image