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Expert Consultation Services

We understand that all security applications are unique - and that product selection often determines whether a project is successful, or fails to deliver the desired results. Additionally, unlike most security providers, Kimpok offers unlimited direct technical support - for every product we sell. So as you can imagine - identifying the perfect solution for your specific needs is our top priority.

For over 25 years, Kimpok has developed a deep knowledge of the security industry that can only be gained thru experience. We have established separate teams of sales consultants and technical support specialists - dedicated to providing you with specialized, professional consultation anytime you need it.

* Dedicated Teams - We offer dedicated to support each of our core customer segments, including Law Enforcement and Government, Businesses, Consumers, and our Authorized Dealer Partners - to provide the best possible customer experience.

* Specialized Skillsets - Our security experts are specially trained on the security solutions for the business segments they support.

* Industry Experience - Our average sales consultant has been with Kimpok for more than 3 years - and many of our team members have years of firsthand, in-field experience in the industry they support.

Our security experts are dedicated and specifically trained to providing the absolute best experience for their respective customers.