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High-capacity Safety Suitcase KP-SP03
High-capacity Safety Suitcase
KP-SP03 Safety Suitcase belongs to the high grade of KP-SP01. The KP-SP03 safety suitcase is bigger than KP-SP01 safety suitcase. The bulk is big enough to put USD 1.5 million of cash in it, so it has enough capacity to carrying and storing cash, confidential documents and valuables. It is with new format remote controller and higher quality electric shocking controller, rechargeable batteries and the case body covered with high-grade genuine leather material. It also has the functions of Anti-loss, Anti-theft, Anti-robbery and with High voltage shock covering the surface overall.
Technical Specifications:

 Anti-losing (“loss-proof”) effect distance 3~15M
 Anti-robbing (“robbery-proof”)effect distance >50M
 Electric shock high voltage pulse power supply>30KV
 Alarm sound level>85dB
 Power supply
 Transmitting remote box: 1 type 23A batterie with 12V voltage
 Alarm electric shock device: 6 size-2(type C) batteries with 7.2-9V voltage
 Case Body: The case body is a special code file-case, covered high-grade genuine leather material and equipped with double code locks
 Dimension of case body: 18*13.6*7.2inch 
Facility combination:

 Suitcase Body 1pc
 Alarm electric shock box 1pc (in suitcase)
 Remote 1pc
 Operation manual 1set