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Safety Suitcase PU leather KP-SP02
Safety Suitcase PU leather
Security suitcase is a special suitcase to guarantee security for your valuables like cash, jewels, documents and others. This travel case will apply a voltage that exceeds 30 kV on a robber, who attempts to run away with the case. The surface of the suitcase covers electricity, which has special anti-theft and anti-robbery functions against burglars. 
People like bank managers, for valuables and anyone else, who has to carry more cash in hand, will be highly helpful of the suitcase.
KP-SP02 PU Leather
It has the function of whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock, which emits from the up and down surfaces, front, back, left and right sides, and handle lock. The high-voltage pulse output power voltage exceeds 30 kV.  
It has the function of remote radio control. Switch on and off, set up and random switch of the functions can be realized through remote radio control. At various complex and urgent situations, the customer can choose the most effective and safe defensive function.

It has the functions of "loss-proof", "stealing-proof" and "robbery-proof".
Anti-losing function:
Within the distance of 3-15m, warning by sound alarm 
"Loss-proof" is a unique special function of safety suitcase cases. On travel, to avoid the case carrying valuable articles to be stolen or forgotten, you can set this case in "loss-proof" function, and bring the remote controller. Once you are far from this case exceeding the distance of 3-15m, it will give alarm signal automatically to remind you. In case you find the case was stolen, set "robbery-proof" function to force the thief leave your case. 
Notice: “Loss-proof” mode only be used solely. 
Anti-stealing function:
"Stealing-proof" will simultaneously realize the functions of sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock. The sound level exceeds 85db; electric shock power voltage exceeds 30 KV.
When you leave the case to settle other business  and going out, you shall just set the case in "stealing-proof" function, and bring the remote controller with you to settle business. In case the robber or thief touches any place of the case, the case will produce sound alarm and electric shock. Even the master is absent, the robber and thief can do nothing of his case. 
Anti-robbery function:
The case simultaneously realizes the functions of sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock. The sound level exceeds 85db; electric shock power voltage exceeds 30kV.Remote control distance exceeds over 50 M. 
If you are threatened by the robber for your case carrying valuable articles, to protect yourself, you shall give up the case. Once the robber is far but within 50m, and can not hurt you, you can take the remote controller to set “robbery-proof”. The case will immediately give alarm and high-voltage electric shock, to force the robber to leave case and ran away. This function can protect the safety of you and your articles even under such bad robbery situation.
Technical Specifications:
 Anti-losing (“loss-proof”) effect distance 3~15M
 Anti-robbing (“robbery-proof”) effect distance >50m
 Electric shock high voltage pulse power supply>30KV
 Alarm sound level>85dB

Power supply:
Remote control box: 1 type 23A batteres with 12V voltage 
Alarm electric shock device: 6 size-2(type C) batteries with 7.2-9V voltage.
Rechargeable batteries with 7.2-8.4V voltage  
Case body:
The case body is a special code file-case, covered with high-grade genuine leather material and equipped with double code locks.
Dimension: 18*13.6*3.6 inch

Facility combination:
 Suitcase Body × 1pc
 Alarm electric shock box × 1pc (in suitcase)
 Remote × 1pc
 Charger × 1pc
 Operation manual × 1set