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Solution Customization Services

Kimpok is far more than a security store - we are a full-service security solutions provider. And unlike traditional distributors or suppliers who sell pre-configured security products, we have the ability to customize any video or audio surveillance solution to meet your specific needs. If we don’t have the solution you need, chances are we can find it - or build it - for you.

We offer the following custom services:

Solution Customization
ALL Kimpok solutions are completely customizable, to optimize performance and results for YOUR application.

Systems Design & Engineering
For advanced projects, our systems engineers and product managers team to develop solutions and plans that meet YOUR specifications.

Needs Analysis
Our FREE needs analysis will help to determine exactly what you need to consider when building your solution - from products and features, to installation and operation.

Our Needs Analysis will help to:

*  Determine the best technology and equipment for your application

* Determine how many cameras, recorders, and/or access control devices are needed

*  Determine the exact location and settings for your cameras to optimize results

* Determine recording and storage requirements (real-time vs. partial-frame video, storage capacity, etc.)

*  Determine integration needs with external systems and devices

* Ultimately, create a customized solution that best fits your needs.